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2013 another strong year for the European agricultural machinery industry Europe remains world’s largest producer of farm equipment while global production reaches all-time high

Brussels, 21 January 2014 – 2013 was once again a strong year for agricultural machinery producers in Europe. Following the positive trends from previous years, demand in 2013 remained high for almost all types of machinery.

Rising global demand for farm equipment drove worldwide production of agricultural machinery in 2013 up to an all-time high of around 95 billion euro (1). And overall production levels are expected to remain high throughout 2014, notwithstanding a potential slight decrease. Globally, Europe remains the largest producer of agricultural machinery with a share of around 31% in global production, followed by North America (26.5%) and China (19%). Absolute production in Europe is still increasing and has reached record levels, yet Europe’s relative share in global production has dropped in the past years due to comparatively higher growth rates in the US and China.

The product category with the highest sales volume is tractors. A total of almost 137,000 tractors were registered in 2013 in the 9 CEMA member countries (Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and UK). Looking at five key markets (2), overall registrations only showed a small decrease (-0.5%) when compared to 2012, which was considered a good year. More specifically, demand in the largest market – France – increased by 3.3% while registrations in Germany – the second largest market – remained virtually unchanged. Regarding other major markets, registrations in Italy decreased by only 1.7%, while the drop in the UK amounted to 9.9%. For 2014, manufacturers expect a small drop in overall demand. The 2013 figures also confirm the trend towards bigger tractors: while, in 2009, 23% of tractors sold had an engine with less than 50 horsepower, this share dropped to 14% in 2013.

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