Markus Baldinger from Pöttinger re-elected as chairman of the CEMA Technical Board


The Technical Board of CEMA, the trade association representing the producers of agricultural machinery in Europe, convened on the 6th November in Bologna, Italy, on the occasion of the EIMA International Fair 2018. During the meeting the assembly re-confirmed Dr. Markus Baldinger as its chairman for the second time.

“Now that EU type approval of towed agricultural machines has been newly introduced, the attention for these machines is shifting towards the EU level. As a result there is more representation of towed machine manufacturers within CEMA, our European umbrella organisation. That this new group, with growing importance and ambition, gets the opportunity to lead the CEMA Technical Board is a natural consequence”, said Dr Baldinger upon his election. “With agricultural machinery producing the bulk of agronomic data, FARMING 4.0 is the top priority. Seamless dataflow and communication Machine2machine and cloud2cloud require a much broader expertise base and network. There is much work ahead to ensure the farmer friendliness, robustness and safety and security needed when the primary production sector starts talking directly to the digital world. I would like to call for all involved to join the efforts and commit ourselves to transform this promise into reality”.

The Technical Board also elected Matteo Guerra from ARGO as vice-chairman, who commented: “I am very grateful for the trust my colleagues have put in me, and I will do my best to fulfill this role. I am convinced that never before the technological development of agricultural machinery, in particular of tractors, has been so fast; it requires for legislation and standardization to evolve consistently, synchronizing with both technical progress and the needs of the sector.


In this process, the CEMA Technical Board has a key role to play. It must take up responsibility in the link between our Industry and the European Authorities to ensure that the needs of manufacturers and the market in which it is active are well synthesized and translated in suitable legislation. It must guarantee the development of a harmonious development of the proper legal architecture to retain a high level of safety, environmental protection and the right balance between legislation, and between legislation and standardization.”

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