The branch association for the Dutch agricultural mechanisation industry

Fedecom is the Dutch branch association for companies that are active in technology for agriculture, dairy farming, landscaping and horticulture, as well as for the industry and internal transport. Fedecom safeguards the interests of manufacturers, importers and agricultural mechanisation businesses in the Netherlands. In total, Fedecom has nearly one thousand associated members.

Pride & Entrepreneurial Drive, Ambition & Expertise

On June 25, 2013, the branch association was officially launched under the name of Fedecom. This was as a result of the merger between Centraal Orgaan Mechanisatiebedrijven (COM) and Federatie Agrotechniek. Fedecom's core values are: Pride & Entrepreneurial Drive, Ambition & Expertise. Fedecom is a powerful and energetic organisation aspiring to clear-cut objectives. An organisation for, and by, its members.

Increased results for the members and the industry

At Fedecom, manufacturers, importers and dealers are gathered around one table. Therefore, these parties can address areas of attention more efficiently. Education, certification and policy for trade fairs are the spearheads across the entire industry. However, these three platforms also constitute one interlocking entity in terms of agendas for strategy and lobbying. In a nutshell: Fedecom wants to achieve more results for its members and for the industry as a whole.

A dynamic agricultural mechanisation industry

The agricultural mechanisation industry is characterized by a high degree of innovation. The major international role of the Dutch agricultural industry is also due to its outstanding technology. The mechanisation industry operates in a dynamic world: upscaling and globalizing agro-businesses, the increasing importance of technology plus the integration of the production and service chain. These tendencies have led to the creation of Fedecom.

Current problems, structural solutions

Adequate recruitment and training of new engineers and technicians require attention, because the increasing complexity of technology calls for additional skills. Also, machines and vehicles are getting bigger and faster. This compels the industry to look with increased concern at safety issues during operations, or on the road. Fedecom underlines the importance of testing and certification. After all, both mechanisation and its application rely on human hands.

Collective power, specific expertise

Based upon a joint approach, Fedecom wants to utilize the efficiency of the industry more effectively, as well as to promote it. To achieve these aims, Fedecom cooperates with politicians, other branch associations and collaborative partners. Fedecom boasts specific know-how in the agricultural mechanisation industry. In addition, being a member of Koninklijke Metaalunie (Royal Metals Association), Fedecom has good facilities, contacts and networks to propagate their expertise more widely. In this context a strong, mutual voice receives a better hearing than the voice of a smaller organisation that only safeguards limited interests.